About Us

We’re just a small group of friends who work in app development and love to play lots of games. Playing lots of games, means you mostly have to start from 0 when some other players were there before you, therefore ahead of you.

So with this “need” in mind, we started developing tools to help new players catch up the “older” ones.

Most of our developed tools are shared here on the website, and there’s more to come.

If you wish for a tool to help you on a specific game, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who are we


There is BlastHead, our lead developer. He is the one who put this team together and he is the glue that keeps us holding strong.

SirPickachu, our web manager. Mostly everything you see in this website is his work.

And DoubleShot, our researcher. Basically he finds the games for us to play and develop hack tools for.

All 3 of us, make possible the website you are on right now.

How we Came Up With the Name


We name the website Hacks Ninja, because all our tools are undetectable. No server can detect them in order to ban accounts… so they’re undetectable, stealth..like a NINJA.

And, who doesn’t like Ninja’s, they are cool !

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