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Have you been looking for a Contract Wars hack, but have only been disappointed with what you’ve found so far? Well, look no further, since you’ve come to the right place! You can get the reliable version for free in the download links below!


For those of us who can’t afford games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, Contract Wars seems to be the perfect alternative. It’s free, it’s online, and it’s easy to master. Still, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feature unfair microtransactions.


This means that all the skill in the world won’t help you beat opponents who have better Weapons and more advanced Perks. But that’s exactly why we’ve decided to launch this new and exciting Contract Wars hack tool.


With it, this game will no longer feel like a chore, but like a real-life experience. First of all, you’ll be able to add all the Credits you want, thus ensuring you’ll be able to purchase any Weapons you want.


Speaking of Weapons, this Contract Wars hack actually gives you the option to unlock all the Weapon Sets. You know what that means, right? You’ll no longer have to spend an endless amount of time grinding to get to the top-tier firepower.

Moreover, this tool does not only offer Contract Wars wallhack features, but also the ability to add as many Gold Points (GP) as your heart desires.


Yes. With this Contract Wars free GP hack, you’ll get to buy Premium Weapons and permanently repair them whenever you want!

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the Skill Points (SP). Instead of waiting to unlock all the Skills you want, why not just do it in one session?


Last but not least, with this Contract Wars hack, No Survey is a given. This means you won’t have to deal with any pesky surveys during the installation, making this FREE hack tool all that much worth it.

So stop wasting time and download it from the links below. Show your opponents what you’re really capable of once the paywall is down.

contract wars hack


Contract Wars Hack Features

  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited GP
  • No Survey
  • Wallhack
  • Daily updates
  • Unlimited SP

Because we don’t want the tool to be spammed all over, we will release only a limited amount of copies.
Copies Left : 17

Last Update: 02.05.2017

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