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Get the latest version of Diner City Hacked and enjoy this brilliant addictive little game even more now than ever! You can add unlimited coins and paws to your game for free.

Diner City is a cutesy game in which you serve food to animated customers. It’s fun to play but if you really want to have the best restaurant, you’ll need all the money you can get. Fortunately, our FREE Diner City hack can help you get what you want!

You use coins to buy power-ups for your employees. You can also train them to be better at their job. Or, you could use those coins to hire more employees with different abilities. But it’s hard to gather coins efficiently to get all the cool upgrades and buy the best employees.

Use our tool from the download below to get Diner City hacked and you can get UNLIMITED COINS for free. Just install the tool and set up how much money you want for the game. It’s that simple. Now you can get all the best decorations for your restaurant.

But unfortunately, the best upgrades and decorations don’t just cost gold. They cost Paws, the other currency of the game, which is much harder to get than coins. That is why you can use our Diner City hack and get UNLIMITED PAWS for your game!

The best staff you can hire also cost Paws so even better that you can get an unlimited amount of Paws. Now your restaurant employees will cook and serve at the best efficiency. Who wants to spend so much time and money when they can have things easier?

You won’t have to deal with all the expensive things in the game anymore. We understand how frustrating it is when you find a game that’s just fun to play. But then you find out everything is priced so high it’s no use to continue playing without cheating.

Get Diner City hacked, and enjoy building your restaurant from the ground up. All without worrying about grinding tons of cash!

You can install the hack on both iOS and Android devices. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun offered by our tool.

diner city hack tool

Diner City hack features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Paws
  • Cross-platform compatibility (iOS and Android)

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Last Update: 20.04.2018

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