Dragon Mania Legends Hack


Dragon Mania Legends Hack is here to help you save Dragolandia from the evil Vikings. Get unlimited food to train your dragons to a higher level, gold to upgrade all of your buildings to max and gems to never have to wait for anything.

Dragon Mania Legends Hack is our new free hack tool able to generate infinite amounts of gems, gold and food for free very easy. This will help you defeat any Viking you come across and vanish them from Dragolandia once and for all.

Our tool is now available to download from the links below. After tens of accounts tested we can safely recommend this to you if you wish are at a level in the game where resources are very hard to get because you need to much.

Dragon Mania Legends hack tool now is equipped with a few hidden features. One of them is the auto VIP activation. Yes, by installing and activating the hack tool once you will activate VIP in-game which gives you access to all the special bonuses.

The other hidden feature is the auto anti ban system. This special feature will make sure your account is not detected to be using any tool of sort to boost yourself with resources, hence not getting banned.

Increase your Dragons level up with all the food possible fast and easy, as you know, Higher level dragons are stronger and are able to hit harder. Also, you will not need farms anymore. This means you can use the space more wisely, such as creating more habitats for dragons. This will go fast now, since you won’t have to wait anymore because of the free unlimited gems you have.

dragon mania legends proof

dragon mania legends proof

As you can see our Dragon Mania Legends works 100% , now on both Android and iOS.




Dragon Mania Legends Hack Features

  • Gems – generate unlimited gems
  • Gold – get free infinite gold
  • Food – food for dragons, strange they don’t eat meat…hmm
  • Operating System – works on Android and iOS versions of the game
  • VIP – hidden feature, auto activate VIP just by activating the tool at least once
  • Safe – anti ban feature, making sure your account is not banned

Dragon Mania Legends Hack Instructions

  1. Download Dragon_Mania_Legends_Hack_v1.96 from the download links below
  2. Install
  3. Select device and connect
  4. Select the amount of resrouces you want
  5. Click on Hack
  6. Enjoy and share


Last Update: 02.05.2017

download hack

Download Dragon Mania Legends Hack right now and save Dragolandia from the Vikings as you crush them all.

Does this tool Work ?

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5Votes for No

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  1. DragonAlchemist says:

    Awesome, the game is more fun now and i can play for longer, ty dudes

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