King of Thieves Hack For Free Gems and Gold


    The guys from ZeptoLabs, just launched a new game called King Of Thieves. We knew they made some popular games like Cut The Rope so we were quite anxious to see what is this new game we heard so much about.
And we gave it a try.

    The first thing you notice is art style which is specific to ZeptopLabs other games that we played before. It starts off with you being imprisoned and manage to escape only to try and become the KING of THIEVES.

    The introduction also acts as a tutorial, teaching you about levels, gems and gold, but also about totems and how to attack other people.
I noticed they have the same attack system as Clash of Clans so that is great.

   You get a dungeon (which is basically your house) where you keep the treasures stolen from others. The most important treasure and the one that helps you rank is the gems ! You can layout defenses to try and protect your dungeon using guardians, cannons or razor blades.


Downsizes or Problems with King of Thieves


    Even if the game is highly addictive, and very much fun, you still have to stop playing at some point to sleep or eat, or something else. That’s when you might lose most of the treasure you worked so hard to steal from others.

    This is because, as you log off, other players can come to your dungeon and steal the treasure, and quite easy.
Why do I say easy? Because in order to save your defense layout, you have to pass it first for 2 times in a row. Which simply means, that if you done it, others may also.

You can get a protective shield, but that lasts only 30 minutes. The best thing you can do to protect your treasure is to upgrade your pick locks.

    But that costs gold, lots of gold. And large quantities of gold is not that easy to get by.


King of Thieves Hack Tool is The Solution


    Our team developed the latest King of Thieves Hack Tool just to help you blast trough the ranks fast and easy!
We decided to make our own King of Thieves Hack tool because we searched the web and couldn’t find one that works or that gives you to many options.

    Most of the out there just help with gold or gems, which sometimes is not enough.
Work in progress, this is our first version of the king of thieves hack tool ready to help you with more than just gems and gold.
hack tool



king of thieves hack proof

King of Thieves Hack Features


Android/iOS – We made it possible to use it either for Android or iOS
Gold– Now you can generate an unlimited amount of gold, free, fast and easy
Gems– Now you are also able to get free gems in King of Thieves
Keys– Now you won’t have to worry about keys every again. You can attack as many times as you want
Pick Lock First Try– This is an additional feature to help you pick the lock of enemies in the first try each time. It’s not needed that much since you have unlimited keys, but we decided to just throw that in there, maybe it’ll help.
No Waiting Time– Now you won’t have to wait for any upgrades or anything else in this game, with this option you can skip the waiting time
Unlimited Shield– This is very useful, because it gives you a 3 day shield on activation, each time. So now you can go to sleep without having bad dreams of someone stealing your treasures.


King of Thieves Hack Tool Instructions


1.Download the tool
2.Install it
3.Start the game and connect it
4.Start the tool
5.Select the options you wish
6.Pres Start Hack
7.Enjoy and share

*Make sure your phone is connected with your laptop/pc trough cable of Bluetooth.

Last Update: 21.03.2018

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Does this tool Work ?

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  1. Michael says:

    finally, i was waiting for this since the game came out

  2. Lova2015 says:

    nice, i love that it gets updated everyday

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