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mage and minions

Download now the latest Mage and Minions Unlimited Gems and become the best mage and rule the world with your great power. Bonus, you will get the Free Mage and Minions Secret Code without survey !


Mage and Minions is another fun Diablo clone you can play on mobile platforms. But it also suffers from the “free-to-play” syndrome of having In-App-Purchases that ruin everything. Why not get or FREE Mage and Minions hack and get tons of goodies in return?


You can get new talents the more you advance through the game. But of course you have to pay gems (or diamonds? We never know anymore) to unlock slots. You can get them by buying them with real money, or by grinding levels over and over.

Or, you could just get the free Mage and Minions hack download from below and get all the gems you like! You no longer need to replay all the levels in Mage and Minions, unlimited gems are now easy to obtain!


And it’s good too, as everything in this game costs gems. Speeding up spell upgrades and crafting are two especially important things you’ll want to do with diamonds. Resurrecting also costs gems, but with the amount of equipment you’ll be getting, you won’t need to worry about that.


The Mage and Minions hack also lets you obtain unlimited HP. Now you will never die on your quest for glory and minions! There’s also the unlimited gold to think about. You can buy any equipment you need from the shop for free.


When you’re using our tool to play Mage and Minions, secret code will be a thing of the past. Now you can just buy all the items you want with all the UNLIMITED gold and gems you got! For free!


Simply install the Mage and Minions hacked apk and continue on your adventure with a bag full of cash. We’ve set up an anti-ban feature so you never get have to fear getting caught. The proxy system helps ensure that your device can play the game even if you do.


Have fun leveling your character will all the cool stuff you get from our hack!

mage and minions hack

Mage and Minion hack features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited HP
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Proxy feature;
  • Cross-platform compatibility (iOS and Android)

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Last Update: 20.04.2018

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