Monster Busters Hack

Monster Busters Hack

Finally! There’s a Monster Busters hack tool that can make the game as enjoyable as its core mechanics originally meant it to be. Not only that, but you can download it for free in the links below.


After all, Monster Busters represents exactly what makes a good Match-3 Puzzle game. It’s fun, it’s not too challenging, and it has a welcoming soundtrack and cute, appealing graphics.


However, like any social game on Facebook, what it makes up in gameplay and design, it lacks in monetization.


You might think that it’s pretty unfair that you don’t get to enjoy the full gaming experience because of the annoying social-based monetization tactics, and you would be right to feel that way.

Well, not anymore because now there’s a Monster Busters hack you can easily use to make the game what it should have been about from the start: Plain, old-fashioned fun.

First of all, you’ll be able to add as many Coins as you like. All that grinding for Coins and saving them up to buy that extra Life you need, or that Time Machine that would manage to turn the tide in your favor is over.


Now, you can just add the amount you need, and start stockpiling Items and Lives.

Actually, speaking of Lives, you’ll get to add as many of them as you want as well. Monster Busters might not be a hard game, but we all make mistakes, and paying $40 for them is just not fair.


What’s more, the unlimited Lives you buy expire after a month, which is definitely a harsh decision that only upsets many players.


However, now you have the ability to hack Monster Busters and put an end to the endless string of invitations you have to keep sending your Facebook friends, so that you can avoid paying real money. It’s just annoying, and none of us enjoy doing that.

Plus, the hack tool is updated on a daily basis by the developers, so you’ll always know you’ll have a head start.


It’s safe to say that without this hack tool, you just won’t be able to truly enjoy the entertainment Monster Busters has to offer. So be sure to download it for free in the links below!

 monste busters hack

Monster Busters Hack Features

  • Add as many Coins as you like
  • Add as many Lives as you like
  • Daily updates
  • Cross-platform compatibility (Android and iOS)


Monster Busters Hack Instructions

  1. Download and install the tool
  2. Select your OS
  3. Click detect device
  4. Select amount of coins and gems you want
  5. Click start hack
  6. enjoy and share !

Because we don’t want the tool to be spammed all over, we will release only a limited amount of copies.
Copies Left : 24

Last Update: 26.04.2018

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