Robocraft Hack – Get Free RP and TP, Unlimited Galaxy Cash


If you ever wanted to get lots of tech points, robopoints or galaxy cash but felt like it’s to hard, we have the solution for you. Build the awesome mega bot you always wanted to build by being able to buy everything you need freely.
Our Robocraft Hack Tool delivers you RP and TP instantly with just a few clicks.
Our tool is updated daily which means it will work with every version of the game already released.

How to build the best ROBOT:


•Half the battle is won not on the field, but in the construction bay. Remember that well!
•You can press “P” to enter Practice Mode, where you can test your robot in peace.
•At least a basic understanding of physics is necessary in a game like Robocraft.
•Tipped-over robots are a common sight with players at lower tiers. Avoid this by making your robots bottom-heavy, or by expanding your wheelbase and/or track.
•When building your bots try not to position your weapons right behind each other. Lifting rear guns higher is one way to improve gun coverage. This way your guns won’t be blocking each other.
•Thrusters are a good idea in order to make your robot accelerate faster, especially if it’s is heavy. Note that, barring warping, robots are governed by a coded speed limit.
•For a good Robot Balance is key.

Combat tips for being the best player in the match:


•Press Q when aiming at a target to spot it. This alerts the rest of your team of the target’s location, allowing them to lend you firepower in destroying it!
•With SMG’s, there is a special method ideal for sniping known as “Tap-firing”, where you fire one or twice, let the scope reduce it’s size and repeat.
•Though the starting SMG is a fully automatic weapon, resist the urge to hold down the mouse button and spray and pray. The SMG has infinite range, so you can pick off enemies at a distance, up to and including those who are barely visible, but is not recommended for sniping.
•In general, until you acquire better armored cubes, going toe-to-toe with other robots is not recommended, as the basic light chassis cube is very, very weak.
•Cover is your friend. Ideally, you want to position your robot so that only the guns poke up over your cover (a technique known as hull-down), allowing you to fire with impunity. Be careful with your terrain as you may get stuck at times, especially with a poor-handling vehicle.
•Stick together! As it is said, “Two is better than one.” A team that fights together will have far more significant chances than if separated. If you wish to battle together with a friend or more, consider creating a Platoon!
•If the situation permits it, flank your target from an unexpected direction while it is occupied with another teammate.


About our Robocraft Hack Tool and how it will help you:
– Generate unlimted rp
– Generate unlimited tp
– Generate unlimted GC
– The tool has a NO Recoil for SMG’s built in.
– 100% Undetectable (none of the accounts used with our tool have been banned)
– Don’t abuse it. If you keep spamming it it will catch someones eye and you will be reported.



Instructions for Robocraft Hack Tool:

  1. Click below to download
  2. Install
  3. Start the hack tool
  4. Select the amount of resources you want
  5. Input user id on which to receive them
  6. Click on start
  7. Enter the game
  8. Enjoy

Last Update: 02.05.2017

download hack

Additional information:

***if you can’t download from the first link, use the second mirror.

***if you can’t download from chrome, use firefox or other browsers

***IF you have troubles with the tool, click here to get the fixer.

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  1. jhon alex says:

    downloaded and installed in less than 2 minutes,works great

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    wow this is really cool ! thanks man !

  3. Andretti says:

    This web site certainly has all of the information and facts I needed about this subject and
    didn’t know who to ask.

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