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Your search for a good and working Rust Hack is over. The solution is here.
Get our newest Rust Hack Tool to help yourself and make the game easier. Safe and undetectable, your enemies will not now what hit them.

We all know the real problem in Rust are not the zombies, but other players. If you are new to the game, or inexperienced you might have problems surviving more than just a few days. Because most of your enemy players, have a better aim than you, they seem more informed and make Rust seem easy.

The most useful option in our Rust Hack is the Rust Aimbot which provides you with latest pixel aiming technology. This mean that only you can know that a Rust aimbot is used, others being unable to detect it.

More options to help you out include the Rust Wallhack ready to give you x-ray vision and know where everyone is. Others are Esp Hack, Speed hack and more.
The new addition, Spawn Cars, will make it easy for you to find transportation to reach out the enemies and maybe drive over them? haha

rust aimbot


Rust Hack Features

Esp hack

This shows you where everything is. Including food, enemies and pickups. The ESP give you special info about what they are using and if they are a thread for you.
Rust aimbot
Simply aim and click. The bot will do the rest. You can take down instantly everyone you wish because of the advanced aiming provided by built in features like no-spread and no-recoil.
Pretty intuitive, now you can see trough walls. This allows you to better position yourself in a fight.
Speed hack
Speed is currently set at 1600, so be sure no-one is around to see you when you use it. It’s pretty powerful.
No doors
There are no more doors for you. In other words, you can actually now walk trough them.
Developer mode
Developer mode helps you make changes to the game, modify weapons or even enter god mode.
Spawn cars
Now you can spawn cars for better transportation. This is to be used when you can’t use the speed hack.
Safe and Undetectable, using the latest generation in software security, we guarantee you won’t be banned from any server.

Rust Aimbot Instructions

3.Start Rust Aimbot
4.Start Rust
5.Select option you wish
6.Click on “Hack”
7.Enjoy and share
NOW you can keep the tool updated using our “Update” button. If at some point you find the tool not working, simply pressing on it will get the rust aimbot updated to the newer versions.

Last Update: 26.04.2018

Does this tool Work ?

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  1. avomikukob says:

    works great, i tested it yesterday, thanks

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